with my parents at my rehearsal dinner, Oct 2009

I am 27, and by “27,” I mean 28.  I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area (specifically, Oakland),  and moved to the Pacific Northwest (specifically Vancouver, WA near Portland, OR) in June 2008.  We bought our first house with 2.5 acres so that we’d have room for our two large dogs to run and play, and to have lots of fruit trees and roses and a vegetable garden and room for chickens!  My main interests in life right now are food – cooking it, eating it, learning about it, and growing it – and living sustainbly and as much in harmony with the planet and nature as is reasonably possible for me.  I love farmers’ markets and eating at all kinds of restaurants.  I love cooking, baking, and preserving great foods and drinks for my friends and family.

Brian and I met in college, our senior year 2002-2003 at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, where he majored in Computer Engineering and I in Biogeochemistry/Geological Engineering.  I proceeded to not use my degree and instead I work in management and pricing for my family’s wholesale company.  I dream of working in food, hospitality, and agriculture/ranching… preferably all put together somehow.  I have my ideas.  Brian works in software and website development.  We got married in Napa, CA in October, 2009.

This blog started as purely a way to document our experience with chickens, from the beginning, and also to share that experience with friends and family who live in different parts of the world and cannot be here to share it with us.  In the beginning, my posts were about nothing but chickens… building the coop, getting baby chicks, watching them grow, our trials and tribulations, etc.  But nowadays I also include gardening posts and sometimes cooking posts and other random information about our life here.  It’s nothing exciting, but it’s real.  Won’t you join us?  We have lots of fun :)


4 thoughts on “About

  1. This is pretty awesome — with one minor exception.
    There is only one “Big House”. It is at the corner of Main and State in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    Otherwise — pretty spectacular. I love the names.

  2. Lisa, Where do you buy your Campbell’s Chicken Gumbo soup for your grandpa’s recipe? I have looked at a couple of safeways in the vancouver near- by area and they aren’t selling it any more?
    Joanna Gowans

  3. Hello! Love the site!
    I have a random question for you,
    I make handmade feather earrings and am wondering if I could purchase any fallen barred rooster feathers? I am sure that their tail feathers fall out on their own every once in a while and I would love to purchase them from you if you are willing to collect them. I know it is a strange request. I live in Vancouver as well and it would be a little extra cash in your pocket :) email me and let me know if you are at all interested.
    Thank you!
    (you can see my earrings at facebook.com/elleplume)

  4. Hi Lisa,

    It’s great to find your site! I live near you, and if your interested, would love to chat sometime about our similar interests. I hope I’m not coming across too stalkery? I am raising chickens for the first time. Currently, I have 2 chicks in the brooder and 4 on the way. I am attempting a garden, but I hear it’s difficult here in the Pacific Northwest.


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