The #1 Reason to Have a Rooster

Because this is the coolest thing in the world:

Can you STAND how cute that is??  Can you believe that he really does that?!?  I have had a lot of animals in my life and I’ve never known a single one of them to share food.  I never tire of watching this.  Blows my mind every time.

OK, now everyone run out and get a rooster, ASAP!

And now for the outtakes that I filmed on my own:


9 thoughts on “The #1 Reason to Have a Rooster

  1. That is really COOL!!! Do all your fella’s do that?

    My three roo’s – 2 leghorns in the the big girls – 1 silkie in the tractor of 3 1/2 banties – will all call the girls over but then they eat along with them – never hand them anything.

  2. I could pick out your Marans, Buff mix in the first video right away…spittin image of mine. Same long thick neck and bigger than the Marans hen. What color egg does she lay?

    Scruff won’t eat until most of the food is gone. He just passes it out to his girls. It’s the only reason he hasn’t met the celery and noodles ;)…yet. He is becoming very territorial lately but he’s such a good protector it’s allowed.

  3. kelso mom –

    Thirteen is an EE/maran I believe and is laying olive green eggs.

    I have two EE/leghorn crosses who have the same thick neck and lambchops – one with the rose comb and one with the single comb.

    One is a roo and just beginning to crow and the other is a hen, both with the yellow leghorn legs. I’m curious to know what color egg the girl will lay – white or blue/green.

  4. I meant Marans/EE (lol) long day and I got the twins and baby’s moms mixed up.

    Mine lays a chocolate egg, just not quite as dark and fewer speckles but larger than the marans eggs. I’m always curious about what decides the color of an egg from a mixed baby. I’ll be watching the twins for that in a couple months

  5. clearly he is sharing because he can’t contain his attraction to my pippin’s sexy neck feathers. duh.

  6. The is cute. Our Roos do the same. Call the hens and then give them the treat. It’s just a ploy though. Like most men, nothing is free. When least expecting it, the roo with get his reward. lol They do a great job though. Alert them to danger and show them where good treats are. Thanks for sharing the videos.

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