There Are No Words

First, a little introduction.  A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a patch of straw had been moved away from the dirt in one of my tomato beds.  OK.  No biggie.  Something was scratching around in there.  A bird?  A Rat?  Whatever.  No damage in sight.  Event forgotten.  I moved the straw back and went on with my life.  Fast forward to the last couple of days.  I kept hearing little rustling sounds in the area of that bed.  I couldn’t really pinpoint the sound.  Was it under the weedcloth pathways?  In the grass outside the garden?  In the garden bed itself?  At one point, I could have sworn it was in the straw between my tomato plants but I couldn’t really see anything.  I thought maybe it was just settling?  Or a small snake?  Or a large bug?  Who knows.

And then today.  I think these speak for themselves.

I have nothing to say.

Unrelated – Pea Weevils

pea weevil on tomatillo plant

I got some better shots of the pea weevils (click to see enlargement for better detail) before I ran into my friends, above.  They were on my tomatillo plant, which is right next to the peas.  I think they’re confused because the peas are gone.

pea weevil on pea plant

notice the gray & white coloration

OK, that’s it for now.  Wow.  Gardening.  Full of surprises.  There were a total of five bunnies, btw.

bye bye!

*please note, no bunnies were harmed in the making of this post.  As I mentioned in my video… I put them in the bushes outside my garden so that mom could have them back.  Shoulda offed ’em, but I’m lame and so they live on to make more bunnies and eat more of my garden.


3 thoughts on “There Are No Words

  1. After watching that first CUTE bunny discovery, I was almost afraid to watch 2 & 3 for fear you were going to take a shovel or something to them.

    I have raised mini lops and currently have one holland lop house bunny and think bunnies are the cutest things next to cute baby chicks.

    If I lived closer, I’d take them off your hands and let them join the other wild bunnies that like my 4 acres as long as they stay out of the pasture when the coyote is looking for field mice.

    If I was a momma bunny, I’d like your tomato garden with nice comfy straw as well.

    Good luck with the little thumpers.

    I see a greenhouse in your future. :)

  2. Awww, they are evil, but super cute. I have some much less cute gophers and I can’t even bring myself to try to kill them, although I did cheer when a stray cat got one of them. Too bad it sounds like your bunnies are smart enough to stay away from Tilly and Charlie.

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