A Quick Peek

Well, yesterday*, between my whining resignation and the actual start of the downpour, we actually got a brief window of not-so-bad weather.  Not-so-bad, as in – a couple of cracks in the cloud cover so that it warmed up, and it wasn’t yet raining.  The downpour started while I was doing the sushi and bourbon thing.  Oh yes, I am a woman of my word.

Anywho, during this reprieve, I dashed out and grabbed some quick pics of the garden so that I could show you all the progress.  It’s been raining ever since.

golden snow pea blossoms

Aren’t they beautiful?  I’ve never grown a garden pea that has anything but white flowers, but the Golden Snows have two-tone purple flowers that are every bit as lovely as sweet pea blooms, and they even have a light fragrance!  If the peas themselves are any good, I would call these a true winner that I will grow every year.  For some reason, all the pea plants that have not been chopped are golden snow peas.  The others are all making their comebacks, slowly but surely, though the occasional chop still happens.  And the Golden Snows are not immune.  As I went to take that picture, I noticed one of the tall vines looked wilted.  Upon closer inspection. I found that the top 2 feet had been chopped off of the bottom 1 foot of vine.

chopped pea vine

The top half still clung to the trellis, with its sadly wilted leaves and flowers, in complete denial that it had been chopped.  If you look at this one closely, you’ll see that it’s not as scissor-clean as some of the other cuts, but it’s still a completely mystery.  It was cut way up high on the plant, with no footprints or slime trail or any other evidence of insect or animal, and the top half was still completely intact.  I’ve never experienced a garden pest such as this.  I’m basically speechless.

Pork Chop tomato plant

And then there are my lovely ladies.  Ah yes, my happily-recovered tomato plants.  I could just look at them all day.  They make me so happy!

Sweet Carneros Pink tomato plant

Pork Chop and Sweet Carneros Pink are the biggest, but they’re all looking good, and most of them have flowers.

Sungold cherry tomato flowers

As usual, the big winners amongst my various cole crops are the Red Cabeza cabbages.  Most other things (broccolis, cauliflowers, Napa cabbages) all bolted for the second year in a row.  Who knows why.

Red Cabeza cabbage

My lovely little beet clumps are beeting-up (I made that up just now and I rather like it) nicely.

rainbow mix beets

Chard is going swimmingly, especially compared to last year.

bright lights chard

My lovely little rows of garlic have ever-fattening stems as they start to form bulbs below ground, all the while helping to keep buggies off of my other plants.

row of garlic in the eggplant and pepper bed

And in the straw bale garden, the pumpkins and melons are starting to come into their own, forming true leaves.

The pumpkins in the Three Sisters’ garden look much the same, as they were planted on the same day.  Whenever we have a day of heat and sun, the corn grows visibly, while the rest of the time it just sits there.  Also, yesterday**, as I trudged out to feed the chickens in the downpour, I noticed that my French Gold pole beans (from Renee’s Garden) have started to sprout next to the corn, which will act as the “poles” for them to climb.

OK, that’s it for now.  And an end is in sight – the forecast shows sunny and warm, starting tomorrow, into the indefinite future.  Here’s hoping.

*I started this post last night, June 9th, but didn’t finish it.  So, my first “yesterday” refers to Tuesday, June 8th.

**I finished this post this morning, June 10th, and my second “yesterday” refers to Wednesday, June 9th.  How’s that for confusing?


3 thoughts on “A Quick Peek

  1. ooo Love the snow pea flowers! They look more like sweet peas. Keep us posted on that coolness. And I love the Red Cabeza name…reminds me of when I was a kid and we used to run around on the playground saying “You’re loco in the cabeza” and think we were fluent spanish speakers :).

  2. I agree, those snow peas are lovely and smell good TOO!!! Makes me want to plant some.

    That is just the craziest thing, the way select items are getting wacked in your garden. In the close up pic, it looks like something bit with the bottom teeth by the way it is a clean cut from bottom to the top where it is torn a little.

    And what would bite but not eat???? Very weird goings on in your garden.

    Enjoy the sunshine this weekend, I heard we’re suppose to have a wet June – unfortunately.

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