Five Stages of Weather Grief

Denial: despite forecast for more rain and a morning temp of 43 degrees, Lisa wakes up, sees the sun, and dresses in tank top, shorts, and flip flops while leaving all windows open and ceiling fans on.

Anger: Upon seeing the clouds roll in and blot out the sun by 9am. “Dear Sun, I am sick and tired of your little games. Where do you get off teasing me like this?! I had PLANS for today. Don’t you care about my plans? HUH?? What about me? Don’t I matter to you???”

Bargaining: “OK, fine, I’ll put on jeans, slippers, and a sweater. Just please don’t rain. Just let me get some things done outside first. I can handle cold and gray if it just doesn’t rain again.”

Acceptance: Lisa checks the forecast and sees that a heavy rainstorm with another inch of rain is coming. She gives up, bundles up, makes hot tea, closes the windows, turns on the heat, and decides to drown her misery tonight in sushi and bourbon.

*Laura kindly pointed out that I missed stage 4 – depression.  That one seems self-apparent, no?  Same ol’, same ol’ – “hmmm… maybe we’ll just not have summer this year.  The whole garden is probably going to die.  At least I don’t have to worry about getting skinny so that I can wear shorts in public…”


3 thoughts on “Five Stages of Weather Grief

  1. You’re not talking about yesterday or today are you?

    Yesterday was wonderful and today is supposed to be nice with a little drizzle tonight.

    Hold out for the weekend and you should be out there in your tank top and flip flops.

    I think you need to go get yourself sunshine panties and wear those from now on :) he he

  2. Hey Nancy,

    Yes, yesterday was glorious. I was so happy I was giddy. I got SO MUCH done and it was perfect and wonderful. Bright, sunny all day, warm but not hot, perfect breeze, we barbecued dinner and ate in the sunshine and I had iced tea all day and an icy mint julep with dinner. I’ve never felt so awesome. I was prepared for another one like that today, but it was not to be.

    I wrote that post because I caught myself having all the different thoughts – I was in denial that it wasn’t going to be nice again, then I was mad, then just depressed, then I accepted it and wrote the post. I am here to entertain!

    But yes, tonight, rainstorm. Today, just cool with clouds. Rain all day tomorrow, and then I think we’re in the clear. Here’s hoping. I was going to post about how awesome yesterday was, but then I just spent the whole time outside, being productive and never got to the computer. And then today… sucko. We’ll reset in a couple of days and I’ll be back to my old cheery self. I like the panties idea :)


  3. Wait, that is only four stages, I thought there were five. Oh wait, I see, the last stage of weather grief is… drunk :) Drink enough bourbon and you might think it is warm out! I don’t think that works on plants though.

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