Schizoprenic Spring

Today so far:

8am – light rain, gray – temps in the high 40s

9:30am – torrential hail, black sky, furious wind – low 40s

11am – bright blue, sunny skies, singing birds, warm, calm – high 60s

12:30pm – torrential rain mixed with hail – mid 50s

12:50pm – thunder and lightning, heavy rain – 66 degrees

2:00pm – sunny skies, warm, birds’ singing, nary a breeze – 62 degrees (huh?)

3:00pm – very sunny and very windy – 72 degrees

3:45pm – even windier… dark clouds are being blown back towards us, pushing the blue sky away… bye bye blue sky… 58 degrees

4:05pm – wind, black sky, rain sprinkles – 54 degrees

to be continued…


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