CRAP.  What do I do???  In the next couple of hours, I need to figure out how to protect my planties tonight.  Wish me luck.  Tomorrow I leave for California and Brian will be left to hold down the fort for a week.  Poor boy.  I am also not going to plant the strawbales tonight, as I had planned since I think a frost could kill the seeds?  Or maybe that’s stupid of me to think.  I”m not sure.  Probably stupid.  My friend’s parents in Northern New York state have pumpkins rot in the compost over winter only to grow huge vines in the spring… and those seeds must thaw and freeze, thaw and freeze over and over.  Oh well.  Hopefully another week won’t delay or limit my harvest much.  Saturday, May 15th is my squash- and melon-planting day, come rain or come shine.  I’ll also buy more straw then (I couldn’t go this week) and have some later bales to plant too.  Wish me luck!!!!


One thought on “WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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