Baby Thirteen makes the cutest little trilling noise when I come out into the garage to say hi.  Just now, I went out and said, “hi guys,” and I heard “bbrrrrrrtt!!”  I peeked over into the coop and found mama tucked in the corner and no baby in sight.  Then I said, “Hi, mama!” and I was answered with, “bbrrrrrrrrt!!” and pop!  a cute little head appeared in mom’s fluff.  So, we had a brief conversation, and each time I said something, Thirteen’s head stretched a little more up toward me from under Sofia’s wing.  Then I grabbed the camera and was lucky enough to snap some cute shots.  Just too cute and I had to share.


3 thoughts on “Peekaboo!

  1. What a sweet picture. At some point, I hope Sophie lets you pick up Thirteen. I would pick up my Momma’s little ones. My Momma could care less but the little ones really didn’t like it with the exception of the leghorn pullet.

    Now at 2 1/2 months, the two leghorn roos have to be chased down to be picked up. The black star pullet runs but calms down and lastly the same leghorn pullet is the first to come running, jumps on my arms, back, shoulder. Likes to be petted and talked to when I’m holding her. A few times, she’s hit the coop door trying to fly up to me before I even get the door open. Very sweet that one.

    Based on Sophie’s lack of back feathers, I’d say she was one or more of the roos favorite. This little break away will give her a chance to grow them back. Or she could use one of those saddles.

  2. I have a couple girls with bare backs too. With all the snow we’ve had my poor birds are cooped up and they can’t get away from Reggie. lol Fertile eggs, I has them!

    Thirteen is so cute. I love chicks. :)

  3. Awwwww makes me so sad :( I miss baby chicks.
    They look so cute
    P.S. I just made some super easy no-sew saddles. Posted it on my blog – super, super easy.

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