Breakfast time

It wasn’t easy, but I finally got you a couple of pictures!  They’re not the greatest, but they’re the only ones I’ve gotten so far.  This morning when the sun cam up,  I went into the garage, turned on the light, and opened the roof of the nursery coop.  Mama was fluffed in a corner and Baby was clearly still sleeping.  I let them be for maybe 30 minutes and then I sneaked back out for a peek.  Mama was showing Baby how to eat breakfast and I snapped two quick shots before it disappeared into the fluff.

The most noticeable thing for me so far is the difference in the peeping between this baby and my mail-order babies last year.  This baby’s peeping sounds so much happier!  It is very melodic and sing-song… it sounds like a meadowlark or something.  Lots of different notes and melodies and happy little twitters.  I think it is one happy baby.  The mail-order babies just sounded like, “peep, peep, peep.”  I don’t know how else to describe it, but to me, it is very obvious.  Baby likes to have Mama.  And BOY does she love that baby.  If I so much as peek over the edge into the coop, she puffs up like a blowfish, gives me the evil eye and growls like a dog.  When I am out of eye shot and I am quiet, she starts to happily cluck to the baby.  It’s a low, rhythmic, happy-sounding cluck.  I can only imagine how happy she’d be with a few more babies!  This one is going to have only-child syndrome for sure!  It’ll be a spoiled Mama’s-chick.


5 thoughts on “Success!!

  1. How sweet is that little one. I too noticed the Momma raised chicks having a little different sound.

    I’m so happy Sofia got to be a Mom. Some people pay big bucks for broody hens. I just saw a Craigslist ad last week where someone was looking to pay $20.00 for one because she had just bought an incubator and ordered eggs and was chickening out in using the bator for fear of getting it wrong.

    Enjoy your little Momma and baby.

  2. HOW CUTE!!!

    I just picked up a Barred rock, and a buff Orpington today. They are 6 months old, got them from a lady who was downsizing her flock. I hope my BO goes broody. :)

  3. mama is still involved with baby after 5 months, but now she follows the flock at bedtime and baby still prefers the nursery. She started letting go a bit at about 4 months. Before that she would give her life to protect baby. And yes, I agree about the musical way they communicate with each other.

  4. Do you feel like you’re not as bonded to new baby already? I have to admit, with a mama I wasn’t really needed or wanted or appreciated :) Maybe it was just me.

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