Chick Update

I’m trying my best to get a picture of baby for you, but so far, every time I peek over the top into the nursery coop, baby dashes back under mom.  Tricky little bugger.  I hope to have a pic by the end of today.  She seems to be showing it how to eat and drink because there is some spilled chick food spread on the floor and one of the waterers has baby poop in it (oh yay).  I hope it’s a girl.  Then we’ll just keep it, since it’s only one and we lost two girls over the summer.  If it’s a boy… I’m not sure.  Maybe I’ll finally man up and eat Luke and then we’d be back to three boys.  We’ll see.

oh and p.s. the baby is an EE/Marans mix, in case you hadn’t deduced that from the green egg and the fact that I only have Marans roosters.  To peer into the future, click here and here for pictures of Cori’s singular baby that is EE/Marans mix raised by an Orpington mama.  As you can see, the baby (which is mostly grown in those pictures but still chillin’ with mama) is colored like a female Marans, but shaped like an EE with fluffy neck, beard, and muffs.  I guess Cori’s so cool I wanted to be just like her!


2 thoughts on “Chick Update

  1. Sounds like Momma is doing a great job protecting her little one. And the little one knows where it’s safe as well.

    You could put out a pan or something to hold the crumbles so Mom can get in there and show little one how to scratch.

    My Momma would go nuts showing the little ones how to scratch. Give a clump of sod and she’ll go crazy.

    Have you noticed her special chirp when she’s calling baby over?

    Can’t wait to see pics of the little one. It truly is a joy to watch Momma with her little one.

    I would suggest you let Momma and little one out with the rest to free range when your out watching so they all get used to the little one and do it often so you don’t have to reintroduce later.

    Your Momma will protect her from the rest while showing her how to scratch. When baby gets cold, she’ll go under a wing and Sofie will warm her up. You’ll see – trust me.

    It’s so much easier letting Momma do the raising.

    Tell your man he’ll earn points by being supportive. Extra points by helping you build the brooder.

  2. Regarding the 1-day early hatch….

    It is not uncommon for hen-brooded eggs to hatch in 20 days, instead of the 21 for incubators.

    Good luck with Thirteen!

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