OK, I SWEAR I’ll make a new post tonight for real… but for now I wanted to share this little tidbit –  Kelsomom (aka Cori of My Empty Nest Days) has saved the day!  She is wanting to add to her flock and at first she was looking into ordering more chicks in the mail, like we did last year, but the prices have gone way up and it’s too expensive.  So then, she was going to let one of her girls hatch a bunch of her own eggs, but then someone was trying to be helpful and accidentally collected the eggs that she was trying to hatch and they all got cold :(

But this is where we come in!  I hadn’t told Brian yet, but a couple of days after I gave Sofia three eggs, I checked again and she had a bunch more!  I think a total of six or seven.  I have heard that sitting hens will steal more eggs… but also other hens will decide they like the occupied box best and go in and sit on top of the broody hen and lay an egg on her or next to her.  Who knows how she got them… maybe she got up to eat and someone snuck in and laid them.  Anyway, the point is – Brian has been giving me a hard time ever since he found out I was letting her sit on eggs.   “We don’t need more chickens!  How are we going to take care of babies!  We already have too much to do!  What about when we go out of town??”  But when I read about Cori’s desire for more chickens, I offered her all the extra babies – she can take them when they don’t need mom anymore – and she accepted!  I told Brian the plan and he is happy with it.  YAY!!


2 thoughts on “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!

  1. Yay – Sophia gets to be a Momma!!!

    That is great news. I’d be interested in some chicks as well if any extra marans or EE’s. I’m wanting to add varying colors to my eggs.

    You’ll want to mark the eggs you wish to hatch so you can tell them apart.

    I didn’t do that with the four original surrogate eggs because I thought I’d be able to tell them apart since 3 of them were large white leghorn eggs and one larger light brown egg.

    In a darkened coop at night, I often had to study the added pinkish/brown eggs that got added to the 4 almost daily.

    At a point, I would just hold them on a flashlight to candle them anyway as the days went on to see how the chicks developed. I didn’t have a strong flashlight, so at most I saw the air sack change in size and the veins develop on the inside of the shell. Towards the end you can see chick movement.

  2. That’s cool! I hope one of my girls will go broody. I have a friend who is going to hatch out a couple marans for me. I want to add some dark eggs to the basket. ;)
    I got the ok to get more runner ducks. (SUPER Excited about that.)
    We plan on a couple turkeys, and some broilers. :)

    Can’t wait to see pics of your broody.

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