Note To Self

Hello all… I haven’t prepared a post… instead I thought I’d make a note here about all the things that I want to cover in my next post(s).


– seeds!

– tiny-plant culprit (many of you will remember my problem with veggie plants stuck in miniature this past year)

– plans for the coming year


– eggs


– new “cast of characters” page plans

– plans for the coming year


– my new eagle friends

Stay tuned for these and other egg-citing topics!


5 thoughts on “Note To Self

  1. I was wishlisting at the site (playing around) and for 10 leghorns and 10 ee’ers and 5 marans it was almost 115.00. damn, we didn’t spend that much last year did we?

  2. Kelsomom –

    If I would have known you were looking for leghorns, I would have offered some to you.

    I was one of those on BYC’s that got the MPC 25 Pullet Special last Sept for $41.50 free S&H.

    I got lots of light brown leghorns and jersey giants. I just gave away the last of the chicks I desided not to keep. 5 light brown leghorns and 1 jersey giant for FREE on Craigslist. One of the leghorns started doing the squat, so close to laying at 16 wks old.

    I would have even brought them to you and stopped in to visit my sister in Longview.

  3. Yes, I would like to add to my family :) and since we have the same litter mates I’m not too concerned. Tell Brian you’re doing me a favor and I said please please PLEASE can we have some babies :)

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