Oh That’s Snow Fun!

Charlie enjoys the snow

While the dogs thoroughly enjoyed running, jumping, and playing in the snow…

Tilly runs in the snow

And, most importantly, eating the snow…

Tasty snow

The chickens had another opinion entirely.

"we'll just stop right here in the door, thank you."

They wanted no part of it.  Their run stayed relatively snow-free because of the roof and wire mesh top.  So, when I called them, they all come running out like normal… except they all came to a screeching halt in the doorway.  As Pol Pot so nicely demonstrated in the above picture, they looked at the snow, perplexed.

Eventually, JB took the first brave leap, good man that he is.

JB tries the snow

The girls looked at him with shock and awe.  But after a while, Lorelei and Sofia (please note that a while back, I changed the spelling of “Sophia” to “Sofia,” since the Golden girl was supposed to be from Sicily and therefore would probably have used an “f”, I think) bravely followed him out there.  The others hung back in the doorway.

The first girls follow

The others weren’t sure what to make of this bold behavior of their coopmates.

"Golly gee, those guys are brave!"

Then, suddenly, Pol Pot was struck with astonishing inspiration – “I know!!  I’ll FLY OVER IT!!”

I wish I had pictures for you, but it happened so fast and I wasn’t ready for it.  She leapt from her 4-inch-high perch on the doorway and pathetically *ahem* gracefully “flew” over to the edge of a garden box, where she promptly and breathlessly crash-landed.

The distance of Pol Pot's pioneering flight

"Crap. Now what?"

I think at one point she got a full 24 inches of air during her flight.  Anyway, then she was stuck and proceeded to walk along the edges of all the boxes, hopping from one side to the other, doing her best never to touch the snow.  Eventually, both Rory and Pippin followed suit with similar flying and crash-landing bits.  Rory hit the edge of a box and fell backwards into the snow, and then picked her way dejectedly back to the run.  Pippin, on the other hand worked out a better plan and actually reached down from the edges of the boxes to graze on the taller blades of grass that were sticking out of the snow.

Pippin ponders the potential of top-down grazing

Pippin grabs a blade of grass from her snow-free perch

Anyway, it wasn’t long before everyone had made their ways back to the safely snow-free environment of the coop and run.  Everyone, that is, except Pol Pot.  She just couldn’t bring herself to set foot in the snow, and since I think she didn’t want to risk “flying” again, she was stuck.

I actually had to carry her back to the run… which is pretty monumental since she is one of the chickens who HATES to even be touched.  But, when faced with the excruciating decision of either stepping in the snow or allowing me to pick her up, she held still for me.

A Note on Rory’s Comb

Rory's new and improved comb

I honestly thought the chickens were pretty much done growing and changing quite some time ago.  However, during the time we were gone in Virginia, Rory officially finished molting and returned to laying.  I know because we got two dark brown eggs the day we got back and also because Rory’s comb went back from pale pink to bright red.  However, it also grew a huge amount, which surprised me.  It is probably three times the size it was when we left.  Click here to see a pic of her on December 6th and note the difference.  It is also back to being slightly floppy, which I think is normal for her in egg-laying mode because it was floppy until she started molting, when it straightened out.  Now it’s huge, red, and floppy.  It’s definitely an amazing indicator of her hormonal state.

Random Pics


He may not be the best-looking rooster in the world, but he sure does take nice pictures.



Hey, look!  It’s Camo-Pippin!

Camo-Pippin... where did she go?

I know it’s blurry, but I couldn’t resist.  First we had Camo-Blanche and now we have Camo-Pippin!!  Just go with it.

And, lastly, we have Sofia during her first steps in the snow.  When I first opened the door to the run, she didn’t pay attention and just hopped out like normal.  She just squatted there, looking for all the world like she wished she could lift both feet out of the snow at the same time.  Then she suddenly spun around and leapt back onto the doorway.

"I'd rather be anywhere but here."

I think the moral of this story is, “look before you leap.”


One thought on “Oh That’s Snow Fun!

  1. Great pictures Lisa –

    I think JB is a great looking roo. Love the white feathers in his tail.

    Pippin looks as if she’s made for the snow. What color eggs does she lay?

    No snow for us in Olympia. Just rain – actually it’s more like drizzle.

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