Back By Popular Demand

I tend to get bored with things and thus I like to change my header picture now and then.  However, my chicken-butts header has proven itself so popular that it overrides my personal need for change.  In light of several comments, both recent and past, I have resurrected the one and only Chicken Butts Header.

Enjoy :)


2 thoughts on “Back By Popular Demand

  1. YAy! It’s so cute! I love it and I think it’s perfect for your blog. :)

    I understand about the need for change thing too though.

  2. I LOVE those big fat fluff butts. Maybe you can post other pictures on the sides of the blog, as I like seeing all the pictures I can get.

    My girls are still big fat fluffy butts. Instead of losing big bunches of feathers, they lost a few here and there and have new ones coming in. I was relieved none of them went through a BIG molt with the cold temps.

    Oh FYI – my broody barred rock’s comb stayed red despite sitting on the nest for 2 months and then hatching four surogate eggs 20-21 days after I gave in and let her have some fertile eggs. Those four happy and healthy 7 wk olds are getting big but still insist on getting under Mom in the nest box at night. They are getting so tall, they will stand under her wings with their heads sticking out the top of her wings. She’s such a happy little momma hen.

    No heat lamp and they all survived the cold snap just fine. And I never did separate Mom and chicks from the rest of the girls.

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