Sorry, Guys, No Cats for us… plus more pics

molting 015


Awww…. does that look like the face of a killer?  You’d better believe it.  Miss Tigerlily (above) is reason numero uno we can’t have a cat.

Meet reason number two:

molting 016


Sir Charles, here, also would love to have a cat… for dinner.

I really appreciate everyone’s comments, as usual, and the ideas to help with the rat issue.  However, a cat is simply not in our future.  There are, unfortunately, quite a few reasons that we cannot have a kitty come to our rescue.

Yes, it is true that our dogs would more than happily snack on a cat.  That’s a big hurdle.  The cat could never come in the house or the backyard.  However, there are other problems.


Brian, right before the wedding ceremony

Sir Brian is deathly – DEATHLY – allergic to felines.  Problem #3.

And, if 1 through 3 weren’t enough, reasons 4 and 5 really seal the deal.

#4 – a cat used to live around in our neighborhood.  No one seemed to own him.  He was super sweet and friendly.  And a great little hunter – he brought us mice and moles and left them on the doorstep.  He also killed full-grown rabbits regularly.  He was quite impressive.  However, he was also dead-set on eating our chickens the day they moved out to the coop.  I did research and talked to many people at and I found that cats are great killers of chickens.  While some live in harmony with chickens, others don’t – just like dogs.  And I refuse to find that out the hard way.

#5 – I don’t want this to be a preachy blog and I tend to leave my environmental views out of it as much as I can.  HOWEVER, I will say this… I am a firm, lifelong believer that cats should be EXCLUSIVELY indoor animals.  House cats are the number one cause of the decline and extinctions of native North American song birds and reptiles.  You know how I love reptiles.  Cats can’t help it.  They are incredible hunters.  It comes with a benefit and a cost.  In your house, they can kill mice and rats that might get in.  Outside, they are killing too many things that are too fragile and are critical to local ecosystems.  So, I believe that the only ethical and responsible way to own a cat is to keep it indoors.

Beyond the environmental ramifications, it’s also impossible to keep cats fenced outdoors and they are in constant danger.  Sure, many cats survive on their own for years outside on nothing but mice and mud puddles.  But, did you know that house cats are a favorite food of both foxes and coyotes?  Also, cats are constantly getting hit by cars.  Beyond all that, they can play host to all sorts of diseases and parasites and it’s much easier to keep them healthy indoors.  I believe if you keep an animal, it is your obligation to protect it and provide for it, fully.

I have had cats all my life until I started living with Brian and they have always been indoor cats.  An indoor cat is impossible currently because of Brian and my dogs, and an indoor cat won’t be able to help me with my outdoor rodent problem.

So… please don’t hate me for my opinions on cats.  I really do love the suggestions from everyone, and I do wish that a simple answer like that were possible for me.  It’s just not in the stars for me.  I will keep working with the traps… and also, perhaps some natural repellent.  I am looking into some options.

Pics – Getting Ready & the Ceremony

OK, so here we go with another installment of wedding pics.  I will try to briefly tell the story of the day.


the view from my shower

I woke up BEFORE DAWN to shower and blow-dry before the hair-and-makeup lady arrived at my room at 6:45 am.  This was not my idea, trust me.  I took a shower in my outdoor shower, as I did each morning I was there, only this one was IN THE DARK.  LIKE NIGHT.  No sun.  No sunrise.  Dark.  Not that I’m complaining.  The above pic was taken by the photographer much later that morning.

As we girls got ready, my dress hung in wait on the outdoor shower.  See?  Everyone likes an outdoor shower.  Even my dress.


My dress had lilies-of-the-valley in faded falls colors on the bodice.  Yay fall.

At some point during the getting-ready process, my magical florist and her daughter arrived with our bouquets.


They were awesome beyond compare.


bridesmaids bouquets

Then the photographer took pictures of me in my underwear.  It would be weird to post these, except that my underwear for that day covered far more than any of my bathing suits, so whatever.


Then it took about twelve people to help me into my absurdly poofy dress (would you believe I had them take out the majority of the poof?  It was way worse when I tried on the sample.  I forced them to de-poof-ify it).


Then Meredith says, “Lisa, whatever you do… DON’T MOVE.  You’ll fall on your face.  We know you.  Don’t deny it.”


Oh how true it is.  I did actually trip and stumble on the way “down the aisle” later, but there are no pictures of that somehow.  It was bound to happen.  I just accept these things at this point in my life.

Anyway, then it was time for a “pretty pictures” session with the photographer by the wispy flowers.


Let me tell you how much I loved my bouquet.  Oh wait no.  I can’t tell you.  There are no words.


Meanwhile, elsewhere, the boys took about five minutes to get ready.  That is truly not fair.  They take five minutes and look awesome.  Boys suck.  Did I mention that I had to shower in the DARK?  That they started on my hair and makeup FOUR AND A HALF HOURS before the wedding?  Yeah.

Anyway, the boys then headed out to the ceremony.  It was a solemn event.


This was our ceremony site, sans people.  Same view as from my shower, only bigger:


The boys lined up in front of the pumpkin altar (did I mention I liked pumpkins?):


We did the ceremony thing, and the officiant was kind enough to make an highly amusing accidental joke.  You had to be there.


Then it was (thankfully) over (I HATE being the center of attention, truly) and we got rose champagne and my newest cousin got to check out my bouquet.



That’s all for now, folks.  The next installment will be the reception, and should be the last.  See what you get for asking for wedding pictures?  Too many!  I’m having a hard time paring it down… we have over 1000 pics from the professional photographer alone!


5 thoughts on “Sorry, Guys, No Cats for us… plus more pics

  1. Also meant to say, I’m lucky because y cats don’t bother my chickens… much.
    I have a younger female that I think went after my bantam once. But she’s a small cat, and I think the Rooster gave her what for. Haven’t had a problem since.

  2. LOVING your pictures and not having any trouble viewing them.

    Maybe you need to let the chickens out to free range and get those killer dogs out in the coop and run to take care of the rats or borrow a cat to put in the coop to take care of the rat(s).

    My roomies cat was hanging out around the chickens last weekend when I let them out to free range and a couple of them charged her. She ran off wanting back in the house.

    My hens are two weeks younger than yours and big fat fluffy butts with all their feathers (no roos). No moulting at my place yet.

  3. yaaaay! booo for cats! : )

    ok ok…so i’m biased….

    ~deathly-allergic-to-cats sister of deathly-allergic-to-cats brother

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