Argh Times 95 Trillion, Plus a Shout-Out to My Readers

bacon and rat traps 014

So, day four of our rat-trapping attempts and I was excited to see this – the trap was closed!  Something set it off!  I eagerly grabbed the trap to view my prey.  Here’s what I found:

bacon and rat traps 016

That, folks, would be  my apple slice, perfectly cleaned of the giant gob of peanut butter with which it had been covered.  Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed – that’s it.  No critter who did the cleaning.

I have absolutely no clue how something got all the way into the back of the trap, ate all the peanut butter, and then left and closed the door behind itself.  Not possible.  To set if off (close the door), the thing had to be INSIDE and step on the metal see-saw thing (pictured above).  In which case… there is no getting out.  WHAT THE HECK??????????

OK, so… my dad (who, for the record, told me that this sort of trap has never worked for him with rats, but I tried it anyway because it’s all I could find in my local area) says I should get one of these.  It is a bait (poison) station but it can also be used to hold a snap trap to keep it away from kids and larger animals (chickens).  I won’t use poison, but I would consider putting the plaster-of-Paris-peanut-butter balls in there.  But, really, a snap trap is probably the answer.  This is tempting because I could put it in the run with the chickens and they couldn’t get to the trap/bait.  I think I will order the rodent station and the snap trap now (can’t find them at local stores) from Amazon.  I’ll, of course, let you know how it goes.

A Note To My Readers


fight! 050

Lady B

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of my readers for sticking with me!  I know that my wedding sorely affected my ability to blog, but to all of you who stuck in there – thank you!  I will do better from now on, I promise!

Also, please know that I LOVE comments.  Any note you leave makes me feel happy and loved :)  and that my writing was worth it.  I particularly love to hear about your own experiences and get updates about your chickens and gardens, etc.  If you have blogs, rest assured I read them (and I am bad a commenting myself… probably for this very reason… I am a total hypocrite…).  I will admit now that I don’t comment much on the blogs that I read because I have been burned nearly every time… the first few times I commented on blogs, I got responses from the blog-owners and it made me want to comment more.  But, since then, my comments have mostly gone unanswered… and so I’ve stopped.  Now I will say… that I try to respond to comments from my readers, but I’m not good at it myself because I honestly have no clue how it works, nor do I know how you want the responses.  My options are to 1) leave a “reply” in the comments section of my own blog.  But… do you guys get a notification of my responses there?  I am afraid that you won’t even know I’ve responded.  2) I can email you back directly to your email address, if you leave one.  I just can’t tell if that’s an invasion of your privacy, plus no one else gets to read my response then… 3) I can leave a response comment on your blogs, if you have them.  I have done all three of these things and I have no clue which is best.  So, please – tell me!  Tell me what you want and what works!  I am clueless when it comes to blogging and I just want to do it right and make everyone happy!  I think leaving the responses on here are best, if you do happen to get notifications of them, so that you actually know that I’ve responded.

OK, so, in summary – I LOVE comments.  Please leave them.  And I will happily respond in any way you like, once you all tell me how I should do it.

Peace :)



4 thoughts on “Argh Times 95 Trillion, Plus a Shout-Out to My Readers

  1. Depending on the size of the rodent I want to annihilate :) I put the old fashioned trap(I don’t know what it’s called, the one that’s wood with a metal ‘off with the head’ thing) into a container. I cut the bottom off a milk jug, put the trap in and retape it closed for mice and put the rat traps in a shoe box with the top taped on and a small rat-sized hole on the side. That way they can get in but the dogs and cats (and chickies now) can’t get hurt accidentally. It works for me anyway. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. See I’m not the only one who wants to see wedding pics. :)

    And it gives us an option to be notified if there are responses to our comments. (We just have to remember to check it off.) So you can just reply here if you want to, and so long as we check off that option, we’ll know you responded. :)

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