Yay and Argh.

YAY: Blanche is done being broody!  It’s official!  For three days now, she’s been off the nest and acting normally!  She hasn’t laid an egg yet, but at least she’s not sitting anymore!

ARGH: I’ve had a rat trap set for those same three days.  It is right at the opening of their burrow under my concrete coop-moat.  Nothing has touched the trap.  I can’t put it inside the run with the chickens because they’ll set it off.  Dumb (ok… smart) rats.  I need to figure out something else…


3 thoughts on “Yay and Argh.

  1. It will take a while for the rats to touch the trap, they are very smart, and wary of anything in their territory that is new.
    Did you try putting pnut butter in the trap? That’s almost irresistible.

  2. Link to BYC post with pics:


    My girl’s first chick hatched this morning on day 20. It had pipped last night.

    The other 3 were pipped when I got home from work. Should be 4 fuzzy butts under her come morning.

    I hope your girl Blanche does go broody again for you. It has been fun and so exciting. My girl has been such a good broody. She let me pet her, take the eggs out to candle them every few days, and now letting me fish the baby chick off from under her wings.

    I feel like a Chicken Grandma.

  3. Nancy! The baby is SOOOO CUTE!! OMG… this makes me want hatch babies! I can’t do it before the New Year, but after that, I’m around here full time for a while and I can dedicate myself to it. Congrats on the babies! Are you not worried that the other hens might kill the babies? I have been told several times that they will almost definitely kill them and you HAVE to separate. That is why I didn’t let Blanche hatch any… I would have had to separate and I don’t want to make my neighbors take care of two sets of chickens when I’m out of town. I will be super interested to see how it goes for you. IF the mom keeps them safe and sound, that’s a great sign! Except that you don’t have any roosters, and my three boys could be a problem still, don’t you think? IF they were 100% free-range, then maybe mom could hide with them to protect them, but in a coop and run situation… it makes me nervous. Please post pics of the new babies on BYC as they come!

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