5 Months of Chickens!

birthday-cakeAs I just realized when I read it on Cori’s blog, today is July 9th, so that makes today our 5 month chicken-raising anniversary!  It also makes day before yesterday the chickies’ 5-month-old birthday (they were born on Saturday and delivered to us on Monday).  Anyway, and since it’s my own birthday tomorrow (the big 2-8!  oh wait… nevermind, 28 is a boring birthday), it’s a time for celebration.  And to celebrate, my chickens have given me another 4-egg day.  Yay chickies!  Still no Orpington eggs, and still one green one laid on the floor, but hey… I can’t complain!  Also, today I got 2 eggs with tiny cracks in the shells, one of Lorelei’s and one of Pippin’s.  Lorelei’s egg from yesterday was slightly cracked too.  I cracked open and ate the one from yesterday right away because I thought it might not keep, but when I opened it, I found that the cracks were only on the surface and didn’t go all the to the inside.  I think the cracks are from when the egg drops out of the chicken and hits the plywood in the nesting box.  I keep the boxes filled with straw, but they all insist upon clearing all the straw away from the middle of the box and laying their eggs right in the center of the open spot, on the bare wood.  And since I’ve read that chickens stand up at the moment they lay, I guess the egg does drop a couple of inches.  Anyway… if anyone has any thoughts on preventing the cracks, I’m all ears.  Other than that, peace out for now!


One thought on “5 Months of Chickens!


    Hope you’re having a great day.

    Nancy – Olympia WA

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