Record Egg Day

Today's Eggs so far

Today's Eggs so far

When I told my dad this morning that we only ended up with two eggs yesterday, he said, “well, then today is the day for four or more.”  And around noon, that prediction came true.  I guess my future-seeing abilities are genetic :)  Around 9am, I took them some yogurt, flax seeds, and broccoli that was past its prime.  At that time, no eggs yet, but Pippin was hunkered down in a nest again.  I went out again around 10:30am and the nests were all empty – no chickens, no eggs.  Then, a bit later, I went out and could hear all kinds of squawking and clucking coming from the coop.  I found Lady B in a nest (a different one this time) and Lorelei the Marans (I’ll get to names in a minute) in her favorite top-right nest, with Dorothy on the perch in front of them, pacing back and forth and cackling at the top of her lungs.  She sure is a noisy drama-queen for someone who still hasn’t laid an egg!  Anyway, I tippy-toed back out so as not to disturb them, and around 12:30 pm, I went out again (yes, I am obsessed).

The first thing I saw was the grass-green egg on the floor.  That’s right, that’s now four on the floor :)  Then I checked the nests – Lorelei’s contained one, large, perfect, dark chocolate-brown egg.  This is how I now know which Marans lays the dark, smooth eggs, and which lays the lighter, speckled ones.  And in the nest where Lady B. was, I found TWO eggs, nearly identical.  Those are the smaller, lighter-colored ones you see in the pic.  They are the same size and shape, but I *THINK* one is bluer and one is greener.  It’s tough to tell, though because they are very lightly colored.

Anyway, this means one of two things – a) Lady B. laid two eggs at the same time.  I am only hypothesizing here.  I know that it takes around 25 hours for an egg to form, so chickens can’t really lay two eggs in one day.  That said, I have heard of its happening now and again, and I believe the explanatin is that the hen gets “backed up” so to speak, in that she forms an egg but then doesn’t lay it that day for some reason (like stress) and then forms another the next day and they both come out at once.  Since Lady B. gave us 6 eggs in the first 7 days and then didn’t lay for four days, and during that time it was extraordinarily hot and scarily loud from fireworks, maybe she held one in? Option b) someone else lays eggs that are virtually identical to hers and also used the same nest to lay within a one-hour window.  That seems like a lot of coincidences to me, but I think it’s also slightly more likely than option a.  We have a mystery on our hands!


Meet, Miss Lorelei

Meet, Miss Lorelei

The other day, my friend, Sarah, called me to tell me she had a brilliant plan for names from my Marans.  She said I should name them Lorelei and Rory for our beloved Gilmore Girls (we both, along with my friend Laura, own the entire set of DVDs from all 7 seasons).  She said… they have dark feathers and the Gilmore Girls have dark hair so….

Yeah, anyway.  BAM.  It is done.  I considered Lorelei and Emily instead, but I settled on Rory instead of Emily for reasons that make sense to me, and quite possibly only me.  See if this makes any sense at all (and if it doesn’t – too bad!)… Lorelei lays smooth, very dark brown eggs (like the one from this morning).  Rory lays lighter brown eggs with dark brown speckles… which are kinda like freckles… and Alexis Bledel, who plays Rory, has lots of freckles, even though you can’t usually see them in the show because they are covered with makeup.  TA DA!!!  I win the naming game!!!  Actually, more correctly, Sarah and I win the naming game together… since she thought up the name idea, and I thought up the AWESOME reason for which one got which name.

May I introduce, Miss Rory Gilmore.

May I introduce, Miss Rory Gilmore.

I know they may look the same to you, but the easiest way to tell them apart is to look at their combs.  Lorelei’s points are all of about even height, resulting in a comb that is straight along the top.

Lorelei's comb

Lorelei's comb

On the other hand, Rory’s comb has points of different heights, and so it sort of has a “hill” shape to it.

Rory's comb

Rory's comb

Sorry for the lack of good Rory pics… Lorelei sat on the bench nicely for me so I could get lots of shots, while Rory ran around like a maniac and wouldn’t hold still for anything.

Anyway, the other difference between them is in their eggs:

Lorelei's eggs, left, Rory's, right

Lorelei's eggs, left, Rory's, right

Hopefully it is clear in this pic.  If you click on it, it should be a bit easier to see.  The two on the left are darker brown, and smoothly-colored.  The two on the right are lighter with dark speckles.

Anyway… Sarah also threw in that if I had any boys left to name, I could call one Luke (if you are not familiar with the show, none of this will make any sense to you, but that’s OK).  And so I tossed it around a while and decided to rename “No Name,” Luke.

Luke the Rooster

Luke the Rooster

So, there you have it.

Any just for kicks, as I’ve been sitting here writing this, I ahve decided to name the two remaining EEs, Maggie and Shelley.  It is in keeping with the TV-themed names.  Another of my favorite shows is Northern Exposure.  And, I mean, how perfect is the name, Shelley, for a chicken?  I’m telling you, it’s genius!  I don’t have pics of those two because I hadn’t decided this before the last time I went out for pics.  I will post some soon, though.

And that’s it.  All of my chickens are named!  The official list:

Buff Orpingtons (the Golden Girls):

  • Blanche
  • Dorothy
  • Sophia

Cuckoo Marans (the Gilmore Girls):

  • Lorelei
  • Rory

Easter Eggers (various themes – flowers, Northern Exposure, and a name from Brian, and another from his sister):

  • Lady Banks
  • Daisy Mae
  • Pippin
  •  Pol Pot
  • Maggie
  • Shelley

Roosters (all Cuckoo Marans):

  • Johnny Bravo (JB)
  • Scruffy
  • Chicken Soup
  • Luke

One thought on “Record Egg Day

  1. Ok, I’ve been thinking about it. What if I bring down the cage after dark or at dusk, what ever time yours go to bed and we scoop him up? From what I can research they are all young and shouldn’t have a problem mixing and my girls desperately need a Roo. I still have to put them to bed at night and get them up in the morning (another 9am wake-up call). You have a new coop without others and I do too, so I doubt we have quarantine him. I thought maybe just put him to bed when I get home and see what happens at dawn. Their door to the run is open so if he has a problem he can run out the door and we reintroduce after a bit. What do you think?

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