Eggs Today

12:20 pm

Official egg count yesterday: big fat zero

It must have been the heat and the fireworks.

Today so far: 2

This morning around 9 am, I found another grass-green egg on the floor.  That’s three on the floor.  I am assuming they are all from the same, confused chicken.  I’m not sure what to do about it since the others are all using the nests and there are sample eggs in there in order to give this girl the right idea.  I think she just likes the floor.  Who knows.  I have no clue who it is.  Also, at this time, Pippin Chicken was hunkered down in a nest, looking for all the world like she was going to lay.  But I went out a couple of hours later and found nothing in that nest and no EE eggs anywhere.

At that time, I did find the one Marans egg, though.  It was our biggest egg and darkest brown one to date.  I took it, still warm, and five others from the fridge over to my next door neighbors who are the nicest people in the whole world and are always giving us lamb meat from their flock as well as fruits and veggies from their garden, and all kinds of Bosnian (they’re from Bosnia originally) cookies and pastries.  We owe them big time.  My neighbor was VERY skeptical of the rainbow of eggs I gave her (2 pastel blue-green from Lady B, 2 bright grass-green, one lighter brown with dark speckles, and one dark chocolate brown)… “ooooooh….. um…. how are they on the inside?”  Just like normal eggs, I tell her.  No difference.  “Oooooohh…. hmmmm…. how is the taste?”  Wonderful, I tell her, dark orange yolks, lots of great flavor.  Better than the ones from the store.  That got her.  She is always complaining to me about the eggs from the store… they are pale and flavorless.  She has been very excited about our coming eggs…. but the colorful shells threw her.  You see, she always reminisces about the eggs she ate growing up from her mom’s chickens… and she still ate them until last summer when she went to Bosnia every year to visit her mother… who passed away a few weeks ago now.  She always talks about the orange yolks and fabulous flavor.  I am hoping to give her something akin to this experience with my eggs.  She will get used to the shell colors :)

Anyway, my dad predicts that today will be our biggest egg day so far.  Since we got zero yesterday, some of the girls must be ready today, plus it has cooled off from the scorching 95 degrees that we’ve had for the past week or so.  Today is is in the 60s, cloudy, and breezy.  It is a welcome change.  I will keep you posted, of course, on the egg count.


2 thoughts on “Eggs Today

  1. I got my first Buff egg :) so excited! I do need a rooster. I thought I could go awhile and deal with our loss, but my girls are idiots. I had to put them to bed after dark and had to go get them out of bed at 9 am. Usually they’re up at dawn. Scruff sounds like he would be great with them. A side note, none of my eggs have been pecked and all are in the nests since Mr left us. I knew he was after them! He was an ass. My husband and son did the deed. I just watched. They did the standard stump/ax routine. I would recommend that the plucking water be about 160-165 degrees. The feathers just rubbed right off. It was really hard though, We didn’t eat him, which was dumb, but… you’ll see. I won’t name any of the next generation and won’t kill any more of this. That should fix it.

  2. GO PIPPIN GO!! :) btw – love your new header/pic! haven’t been over here from google reader in so long, not sure when you changed it, but i love it! yay strawberries!

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