Are you tired of hearing about my eggs yet?

two from today: 2nd and 3rd ones in bottom row

two from today: 2nd and 3rd ones in bottom row

1:00 pm

 Two eggs just collected after checking about 75 times so far today.  One is green and roughly the same shade and shape as the new green one from the other day with blood on it laid on the floor.  This time it was in a nest, though, and it’s tough to tell if they are exactly the same, so we may have only two EE layers so far (Lady B. + 1) or maybe 3 (Lady B. + 2).  I have a good idea of who laid this one because she kept going in and scratching and bumping around in the nesting boxes this morning when they were all out free ranging.  It is one of the unnamed EEs.  I suppose it’s time to name the rest of them, eh?  That will be my goal for this weekend.  Hold me to it.

The other egg is another Marans egg.  Both my and Brian’s first reactions were, “it’s darker brown than the other two.”  So, I think we now have both Marans pullets in laying mode.  But, I can’t be sure – when I put it in the carton with the others, it didn’t look all that different… and none of the three are identical, so it’s hard to tell.

Also, Dorothy has been hanging out in the nesting boxes most of the day, so maybe she’ll finally do it!  We shall see…


Shelled English peas

Shelled English peas

Ok, I couldn’t resist… look at all my yummy peas!  YAY PEAS!!


2 thoughts on “Are you tired of hearing about my eggs yet?

  1. I’m loving hearing about your eggs, how many eggs, who’s laying the eggs.

    Loving those colors of eggs too.

    Yummy looking peas as well. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  2. The answer to that question is NO! :) Funny thing, m-13 thinks I have an egg dyeing kit in the coop because EVERYONE knows that eggs are only white and she says it was funny the first time but now I’m just being mean to her and it’s not funny anymore…which just makes it even more hilarious :D She says I can stop coloring them because she told all the kids what I was doing. She swears she has proof because I broke one while coloring it. ;) You must be in on the dyeing joke too! Happy 4th

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