Egg Update

appx 11:00 am

Lady B was in the nest again this morning and provided me with her 5th egg in 6 days by about 11am today!

appx 3:15 pm

We have a second Marans egg!  This time she laid it in Lady B’s favorite top-left nest, even though she was hanging out in the top-right nest (the one she used yesterday) earlier today.  I’m pretty sure it’s the same Marans hen both days, but they look so similar and I didn’t want to bug her while she was laying, so I’m not positive.

5:45 pm

a little blood on this first egg

a little blood on this first egg

Egg #3 was just found!  It is from another EE (as in not Lady B).  This one is a little more olive-y green than hers and it was on the floor of the coop instead of a nest (hey, not everyone is perfect!) and it has a little blood on it.  As far as I can tell, the little bit of blood is totally normal.  Laying an egg is something akin to having a baby and their first one can sometimes cause a little bleeding – ouch!

Anyway, here are some updated egg pics.

all of our eggs, in order, since Sunday.

all of our eggs, in order left to right, since Sunday.

A comparison of the two Marans eggs, the first was slightly larger, the second is smaller with more speckles:

Marans eggs 1 & 2

Marans eggs 1 & 2

A comparison of the new EE egg with one of Lady B’s:

Lady B's egg & new EE egg from today

Lady B's egg & new EE egg from today

And a close up of today’s new EE egg:

greener than Lady B's

greener than Lady B's

Also, Cori’s chickies over at My Empty Nest Days (the keeper of the other chicks from our McMurray shipment) have suddenly given her a deluge of eggs!  After waiting (im)patiently for hers to start once she heard of my first eggs, 5 days went by with nothing and then today she got four eggs all at once!  Amazing!  Read about it here and here.  I do believe we are now in a friendly competition over who gets more first eggs soonest!  I currently have the record for soonest first egg (last Friday) and she holds the record for most eggs in a day (4) and most individual chickens laying (4).  I’ll keep you posted, of course!


2 thoughts on “Egg Update

  1. I have to ask…have you checked for eggs as often as I have today? :D I hope it never gets old! My ee’s are the only ones that actually hit the nest.

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