Know Thine Enemy

More on this later.

**Edited to note: I am not this awesome.  I borrowed this pic from where it is Copyrighted by David Cole.  The picture itself is a link to the site that hosts the pic.  I wish I had taken this shot, but I have yet to see a live one up close here in Vancouver.  A neighborhood cat has brought me dead ones in the past.  He’s a good kitty.**


4 thoughts on “Know Thine Enemy

  1. If you have tried chewing gum, the castor oil pellets, dog hair, motor oil, cat litter, human pee, stakes, water hoses, the shot gun, traps, the worthless buzzer stakes and finally, screaming at every hill that rises, join the club :D

  2. Oh Lisa –

    You crack me up and you’re really good at getting close up shots.

    How did you get so close to little digger? Can’t wait to hear about this one.

  3. I never would have known any different. The close up of the asparagus 1″ tall was pretty great.

    I once had a big fat digger that loved my wild flower cutting flower bed that began to venture under my sod that I had layed the year before.

    I’d fill one end of the trail with water. That worked for awhile. I then would put used cat litter. That too worked for awhile.

    Then one day I plugged all the holes except one on the end and stuck the hose down in to see if I could get the little critter to come out. To my surprise out he came – all 6 inches in length and 2 inches around with digger paddle hands the size of a quarter.

    I took the shovel and flung him in the middle of the lawn. I wasn’t expecting him to be so HUGE. I couldn’t bring myself to kill him even though he was trashing my yard, so I carried him out in the woods on the shovel with hopes he wouldn’t find his way back. I had 10 wooded acres behind my house.

    Good luck with your little diggers.

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