Mini Update

Seedlings in the greenhouse seem to be doing well! After the first very cold night (38 low), thye were fine. Last night was quite warm (in the 50s. 60s degrees at 8 am), but I thought the wind was going to blow our house down. I laid awake much of the night, picturing my blown-down Flower House and a bunch of smashed seedlings. But no! It is still standing and the seedlings don’t seem to have budged! They are no worse for the wear. The Flower House comes with “high wind tie downs” on my model, but I have to say that I didn’t really think they meant it. This wind was bending trees and making the house creak. Yay for Flower House! And yay for healthy seedlings! Much like my chickies, I think they are much happier outside.

Speaking of chickies, when I let them out of their coop and into the secure run this morning, I walked over to check the Flower House and JB crowed. Nothing new about that. And then I hear, “eeeerk ::cough::” It was very low-pitched compared to JB. I looked over and he did it again, only better “cockdoodledo” – it sounded like he was speaking calmly rather than screaming his glory to all the world, like JB.  It was Scruff! Since his first try, he’s been silent whenever I’ve been around. But this morning he was at it again, though he seems to have made backward progress. His first one (caught on film) was actually quite similar to JB’s full-on crows, though not as good.  These new ones today were pretty pathetic.  I guess the first one was a fluke.

Anyway, as I watched, I hear another sound – “rrrrrtblllrdlrrrt.”  This one was lower than either of the other crows, very quite and VERY pathetic.  But SO cute.  I looked and it was Chicken Soup!  As I stood there for another minute or two, all three roosters proceeded to crow in turn and sometimes in unison.  See, I told you it was only a matter of time!  I think JB was not so amused that others were encroaching on his crowing territory, so to speak, and often when one of the others started, JB would cut him off with his loud crow.  It was darn funny.  Once my giggling died down and they seemed to be finished for the moment, I turned to walk back into the house.  Then they started again; I had to go back.  It’s so funny and cute I can hardly stand it.

Things are going to get pretty noisy around here soon and I’m starting to not like the idea of having to get rid of some of the boys.  Since my post about Chicken Soup’s meanness, he seems to have chilled out and is actually perfectly nice, currently.  JB is just so manly and Scruff is so cute… and the last boy – he’s not crowing or mean or even interesting yet.  But he’s not so bad…. :::sigh::: I don’t think I have a choice.  If I kept four roosters with only eleven hens, there would be way too much fighting amongst the boys and way too much breeding on the girls.  It’s not a healthy balance.  And I don’t have enough space in the coop to get more girls to balance the group, so it’s not an option right now as much as I’d like it to be.  Poor me :(


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