An Historic Moment – Caught on Film!

This morning I went out with my camera in an attempt to catch JB’s crowing on film.  Of course, he did it like 5 times in a row before I could start filming, and then he shut up.  But as I was standing there, filming, trying to convince him to crow again… we heard a crow come from someone else – it was Scruffy!  Since I’d never heard him crow before, I am counting it as his first crow ever, and I caught it on film!  It’s not as good as JB’s crows now, but it’s better than JB’s first attempts, so maybe he’s learning by example.

Sorry for the poor cinematography… I had to film through the wire mesh because once I open the door to the run to let them out, they scatter and I’d have no chance of catching anything on film.  Also, I am on the phone, talking to my friend, Sarah… so that’s why I am saying random things as I go that might not make much sense.  Also, I apologize for sounding like a dork.  I was really surprised and excited :)


3 thoughts on “An Historic Moment – Caught on Film!

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