Update: Back in the Coop

Our girl, back in the coop

Our girl, back in the coop

This evening around 7:30pm I found her perched up on the corner edge of the cardboard box where she’d been recuperating.  This meant she was well enough to fly up there and want to perch.  So, after sitting with her and pondering it a bit, I decided to try her out in the coop.  If she seemed too weak or if she was attacked or anything, I would grab her and take her back inside.  It was like a freakin’ hurricane outside so I wrapped her in a towel and carried her out through the wind and the rain.  When safely inside the coop, I took her out of the towel and let her sit on my lap and watch everyone in the coop.  After a few minutes of that, I gently set her down on the floor of the coop and braced for the worst; but it never came.  They all acted like nothing had happened at all.  She moved around cautiously at first, keeping her head low and moving slowly.  But soon, she relaxed and was eating from the feeder and drinking from the waterer.  She walked around and saw everybody and stepped on groups of chicks snuggled down to sleep.  She laid down with them then got back up and flew onto my lap.  I let her hang out a bit and then put her down again and she went and snuggled in a group and went to sleep.  I left and went inside a while and then went out to check again.  Everything was still fine and it was like nothing had happened.  She even flew up to the second ramp to greet me like she usually does.

One rooster pecked her at the feeded and I had a moment of panic, but I soon realized that he was just being a royal pain in the rear and was pecking everyone at the feeder.  He was also going around and randomly harrassing anyone in his way… or not in his way.  JB was asleep on a roost and this guy was getting under neath him and trying to peck at his feathers from underneath.  Charming behavior.  JB, on the other hand seems to be maturing into a calmer, more stately man.

JB on a perch

JB on a perch

Anyway, I left them again and went back out for a third time around 10:30.  I stayed a while and took some pics.  All seems well.  A Marans pullet did peck her pretty hard on the back once, but it was apparently just to get her to move out from under the light – the Marans girl wanted to bask in it by herself.  Anyway, so I’m just going for it and leaving her out there tonight.  I don’t want to stress her too early, but I do want things back to normal for her and the entire flock as soon as possible.  She is eating, drinking, flying, perching, peeping, and pooping.  That’s the best I can hope for.  I will update you in the morning.

Lady B, at the feeder tonight

Lady B, at the feeder tonight

settling down to sleep with the others

settling down to sleep with the others


5 thoughts on “Update: Back in the Coop

  1. Sorry to hear about the attack. We originally had six chickens but lost one after a day of freeranging. All we found was a puff of feathers. Between dogs, birds of pray, and raccoons, we’ve decided we can’t do freeranging. As a result, we are building an enclosed chicken tractor to allow the girls grass time. We’ll keep them either in their fixed coop/run or the tractor. Otherwise, we’d be losing birds regularly I’m sure. It’s a tough call to make, to freerange or not, and I do hope you have safer days for your birds ahead.

  2. Lisa, you are a great nurse and a good mama to Lady Banks! She is lucky to have you caring for her. Congratulations on saving her little life! I look forward to seeing more posts and photos. . .thanks for keeping us up to date!

  3. As a new mom of 7 chicks (2 Reds, 1 Easter Egger, 1 Leghorn, 1 Black Australorp, 1 Buff Orpington, and 1 Barred Rock) I really hope your cute Lady B is doing alright! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas as we work at raising our chicks!

  4. Oh – Poor Lady B. That was a close one. A good lesson learned for all of us. I was thinking that when I get ready to put my girls out in a few weeks that I would let them free-range outside their run as well. I’ve got 4 acres of pasture and huge green yard surrounded by trees that I do see hawks sitting in from time to time.

    Sounds like I’ll be building a tractor so they can safely eat grass outside the run.

    I hope Lady B continues to improve. I love hearing about her and the others while I enjoy my 5 1/2 wk olds.

    Thank you for sharing.

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