EARTH HOUR – A Worldwide Event

Please join me in participating in Earth Hour, set up by the World Wildlife Fund.  It is scheduled for tomorrow, 3/28/09, at 8:30pm, your own local time.  For one hour, everyone (businesses included) is encouraged to turn off all non-essential electronics and lights.  The hour will “roll” around the planet with the time zones.  The WWF is hoping for upwards of one billion participants on all seven continents!  This is a fun way to be a part of the global community and to make a stand for protecting our precious planet!

Please join me in turning off your lights, PCs, TVs, and other non-essential power-using items during this hour.

check this website for more info:


One thought on “EARTH HOUR – A Worldwide Event

  1. I’m sorry, Lisa, but we were hosting a big party at Sally Rawls’ house for a friend’s daughter’s engagement at 8:30 that night! We were using lots of lights, energy and electronics. I felt guilty, but I just wanted you to know. . . we will do it next time!

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