Big House Update

Hi All – sorry, no pictures today. The good news is that they have settled in nicely and made it through their first night and day without incident. I, on the other hand, basically didn’t sleep at all last night (as predicted) and I feel like the walking dead. Nature can be cruel sometimes – I don’t know one person on this earth who loves or appreciates or NEEDS sleep more than myself, and I also don’t know one worse sleeper than me. I try not to complain, but honestly – I know lots of people who live by the “you can sleep when you’re dead” motto and people who at least think (I’m convinced they’re kidding themselves because it’s beyond my scope of comprehension, but I sure would like to be the same way) they’re perfectly happy with 3,4,6 hours of sleep – but they sleep like rocks at the drop of a hat. WHY CAN’T THAT BE ME?? OK, I’m done… but point is that my brain is fried today and though I went out and spent plenty of time with the babies over the last 36 hours, I didn’t manage to remember to take one picture. And now it’s 9:15pm and I’m going to bed in a (I’m sure) vain attempt to get some sleep.

The move itself seems to be a good thing all around. With the expanded area, they no longer feel compelled to scratch ALL the shavings and poop directly into the waterer. I just now cleaned out an entirely empty waterer (don’t worry, the other one was quite full and clean – I wouldn’t let them go without) that had only one tiny shred of shaving in it. Incredible! We’ll see how long it lasts but so far I haven’t had to empty a poop-filled waterer fifteen times a day.

It definitely got cold in there last night (at 2am and again around 6am it was about 42 degrees inside, nowhere near their heat lamps) but the babies were quite resourceful and positioned themselves in neat little sleep-rings around the edges of the light from the lamps on the ground. As I’ve read, they seem to find the right spot near the lamp that is a comfortable temperature and settle down there to sleep. Directly under the lights it’s about 120 and at the edges of the rings it’s about 75 and they pick their favorite spots. When they’re not sleeping, they happily bounce around all over the place and no one does the “i’m cold!” distress peeping, so all seems to be well. They get bolder all the time. By this afternoon, some ventured all the way to the far reaches of the floor area. And they are SLOWLY (too slowly for me, but I am trying to be patient) getting used to my walking around in there and sitting with them. If I move slowly enough and don’t make any loud noises and talk in a soft voice, they eventually even come right up to me to check me out and when they are playing, they will run under my legs to hide. They are also getting better and better with the earth worms. I brought them a batch of six worms twice today and there was no hesitation – they ran right over to pick them up and run around with them. And while they still chase each other and drop the worms, etc, it is a shorter-lived game and they actually EAT them more quickly now. They’re getting so grown up!

OK, beddy-bye time for me now. New pics and a better post tomorrow, I promise.


One thought on “Big House Update

  1. Your chicks are great! And your coop rocks. You know my girls didn’t get all friendly until they were post-pullet stage….Even when we moved them into the coop when they were several months old they were twitchy and shy. But now they come right up to us and wiggle their butts to be pet. I think it’ll just happen for you as it seems like you are hanging out with them quite a bit.

    But, honestly, I am new at this too and don’t have any idea what I am doing! Just figure it out as I go…

    Thanks for visiting and I look forward to seeing your hens grow.

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